Time Travel - The Basic Theory

This material is adapted and summarised from GURPS Time Travel for the convenience of my players. No challenge is made to the copyright of the original document.

2015 – Alexei Arbatov proves the existence of ‘entropic change’ and postulates that this energy serves to ‘hold material’ stationary in time, and could be manipulated to move matter through time.
2053 – Mariana Brill demonstrates time displacement on the molecular level. Particles may be transported back in time but are extremely unstable and have a tendency to quickly return to their original time.
2088 – Nehemiah Eden creates the Focal Referent Device. This creates a local field in which objects on the macro scale can be sent back in time and remain there.
2091 – Project Timepiece is established under the auspices of the United Nations. The Temporal Control Agency is established to control time travel. The Arbatov-Brill-Eden Transmitter (ABET) is built on Vancouver Island Canada.

The Arbatov-Brill-Eden Transmitter (ABET)

The Arbatov-Brill-Eden Transmitter is located within a substantial complex near the city of Colwood, British Columbia. The transmitter stage is a plain metal disc about 5 metres in diameter surrounded by computers, support equipment and one of the largest power generating stations on Earth. The rest of the complex provides housing and support facilities for the 600 Time Agents and the many thousands of support personal necessary to time travel.

The ABET can send approximately 1000 kilograms of material (including people) to any period for which a time window can be found in the past – in essence, most (but not all) periods prior to 1970CE are accessible – although it is complicated to target exact dates. It can only place people on Earth – the gravitational frame of reference allows reasonably accurate targeting on the planet even as it moves over time.

Objects that contain Focal Referent Devices (all agents have a Model III FRD surgically implanted) can maintain a stable existence in the past. If an object becomes separate from its FRD – or the FRD is turned off – it will immediately snap back to ‘Absolute Now’ – real time (currently 2100CE). The implanted FRD that agents carry monitors their health and will automatically shut down in the event of serious injury returning them to Absolute Now where medical teams are constantly on standby. Agents also have switches attached to their teeth which allow them to choose to shut down their FRD if necessary, or at the conclusion of a mission. The Model III FRD will keep objects stable within approximately 5 metres of an Agent – once a future object leaves that range, unless it has its own FRD, it will snap back to the future. In this way, it becomes very difficult for future technology to be lost in the past.

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Time Travel - The Basic Theory

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