The Pluperfect

Elisabethian England


Mission 02 – Section 1
Report filed by Tom Longfellow

Briefing Room 4 – 0900 hrs

It seems like the old team was gathered up for this mission. We had the WW1 scholar, the lawyer, the driver, the demolitions expert, the coloured lady, the other soldier, and myself.

Apparently we were being inserted into 1587, to stop a plot by Stopwatch to assassinate the Queen of England at the time, Elisabeth.

After getting some details on what we were expected to do, the team broke up (without any chain of command, again) and headed to the Costume Shop down in the basement of Timepiece. I still don’t get why the Quartermasters like basements.

Temporal Chamber – 0945 hrs

I rocked up to the transport chamber, kitted out in period clothes, modified to accept those armor plates that everyone says we need. I had also brought along a sword, a composite bow in a leather case, and a 16th Century musket, with spare rounds for each. The others were similarly outfitted, most with some sort of sword, and one fellow, the driver chap, brought along a crossbow. We were then given letters of introduction to some merchant company, and a small chest of monies, which we were told we needed receipts for every penny we spent. I left that part of things up to the lawyer, and carried the chest in keeping with the part I was to play.

A warehouse, 1587 – morning

Well, we arrived, and after shaking off the dizziness that the time jumping leaves in it’s wake, we found ourselves in a warehouse. Deciding that we needed more info, I left the chest with the team and headed to the door to do some recon. I found some kind of office, and I met some gentleman that introduced himself. The rest of the team had caught up, and between us, we somehow convince the man that we were from Edinburgh (and I refuse to make a daft Scots accent when talking to him) and were seeking employment. He then handed me a letter, which I slipped into my breastplate, then we left the trader’s place.

We decided to pop into a local tavern, I believe it’s called, and we had the lawyer open the letter and re-seal it, as letters going to the Viennan Ambassadorial house at this time of history is somewhat fishy, as they are on the side of the Spanish. Apparently, this gentleman that we were playing postman for is involve in a plot to remove the Queen from power. Given that we were sent here to stop that, we made off from the pub, sorry tavern, with a view to go to see the Queen in Whitehall. Seth, the soldier, remained behind for a few moments, as he and some of the others spotted a shifty type looking at us in the tavern, so he thought to set up a counter spy operation.

A few moments later, we heard several drunken “have at thee” shouts from behind us, and we found that Seth and some drunken man with a sword had disabled several thugs, including the fellow, who the drunk reliably told us was Ralph, was in the tavern watching us.

We didn’t get much info from “Ralph”, however we got lucky in the fact this man, Sir Oldcastle, is a member-in-waiting for the Order of the Silver Stick, who apparently had the Queen’s ear. He managed to con us out of several gold coins to hire, or rather share, some nobles carriage to take us to Whitehall and the Queen. After going through some hoops, not helped by the mostly horizontal Oldcastle, we managed to get into the waiting chamber of the Queen. There, we met a dashing fellow by the name of Sir Francis Drake, who was there with a bodyguard, a Sergeant something or other.

Given that the letter mentioned a Sergeant being the trigger man, Jack and Veridis jumped in, whilst myself and Seth burst into the Queen’s meeting room, where she was promptly take hostage by the Viennan Ambassador. I brought up my musket to fire, and Seth brought up his stunner (tech head), and told me that firing a musket at the Queen was a good way to fail our mission. Instead, he shot both of them full of stun beams, and I am sure that the others had subdued the Sergeant what’s ’is face. We discovered that both of them were agents from Stopwatch, so we did some organ adjustments on them, making some artful holes in the process, and watched them fade from sight.

After that we, with the help of Oldcastle, managed to calm down the guards as we waited for the Queen to come round. I’m pretty sure I made a pass at the Queen, thankfully she waved it off as gibberish.

Whitehall, 1587 – midday(ish)

At this point, after we somehow sold the Queen some bottom land, we found ourselves drafted in Her Majesties Navy, under the direct command of Sir Francis Drake. We were told to report to the Merchant Royal in London Harbour to assume command.

We did so, and managed to get our crew and a command structure set up. I was made a leftanent in charge of the vessel’s 36 main cannon, and I headed off with our new Captain, Veridis Quo, to meet Sir Francis for a planning and briefing session.

A tavern, London, 1587 – mid-afternoon

Veridis and I made it to the place were Sir Francis was holding court. Apparently, given that most of the officers there were infantry, there was some confusion around the sand-table and the use of water. I remember there being several puddles of the stuff on the table and floor. At least our orders were simple. Get used to the crew, and get the H.M.S Merchant Royal to set sail in two days, to be in Portsmouth two days later.

At this point, we retired to the ship.

London Docks, 1587, the next day – morning

We decided to investigate why we had seen several of the upper class using cigarettes as measured quantities for pipes. Given that this was slightly, by several hundred years, too early, we hit the various taverns and public houses for info on where they were coming from.

We found out that they were coming from a Frenchman, a Monsieur la gren, a man in green. This being as helpful as a hole in the head, we managed to track down his London lodgings, where we got a name, and a the name of the ship he had left on with the morning tide, the Chat Rouge. We immediately returned to the ship, and set sail for Oostende. Well, almost immediately, we had to deal with Seth’s fear of ships, or open water, or waves first.

After A-teaming Seth on board, which made no sense to me, we paid for some smaller ships to pull us out of our berth, and into open waters.

Oostende, 1587, day three – morning

We arrived in Oostende, and we straight away saw the Chat Rouge as we pulled into the berth assigned to us. Myself and Daniel went to the ship, whilst the others went looking for something else. Daniel made a good job of presenting himself as a Purser willing to become a partner in shipping and selling the cigarettes, but he kept turning us down. From where I had placed myself in front of his cabin door, I had enough time to react and half pull my sword as he pulled a laser pistol from his desk. Given that the cheat pulled a future gun, I promptly pulled my stunner, after Daniel had pulled his, and we both managed to knock him out and search him and the ship. We found his portable temporal fixing device, and we kept that and the laser together, for one of our mechanically minded team members to muck about with.

We found several cases of cigarettes in the hold, and using some slow fuse, we set the Chat Rouge to blow up.

After we had returned to the Merchant Royal, most of the rest of the team came up a little out of breath, with Jenny arriving a few moments later. Apparently they had taken out a Stopwatch stronghold. As they were explaining this, Daniel’s little present went off, blowing the Chat Rouge to some satisfyingly small pieces.

At this point, we hurriedly set sail for Portsmouth and our rendezvous with Sir Francis.

End Report



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