The Temporal Control Agency

This material is adapted and summarised from GURPS Time Travel for the convenience of my players. No challenge is made to the copyright of the original document.


Timepiece exists for one major reason – to preserve the timeline of Earth that we recognise and understand and ensure that our Earth continues to exist.

This is necessary because of the existence of what is commonly termed a ‘parallel world’ – possibly more than one, although so far, only one has been detected and there are strong reasons for believing that there may be some sort of force operating that serves to keep parallels to only two. We have found ourselves in conflict with our parallel existence, and they have also mastered time travel. And from what can be worked out, our two ‘universes’ diverged sometime between 1970CE and the present. Before that we shared a history.

History can be changed. It can be changed time and time again.

Entropic energy allows an absolute sequence of events to be imposed on changes made in past time. And when history is changed, it serves to make the two parallel realities more or less likely than they were before.

Our enemy seeks to make changes to history that make their existence more likely and ours less likely. It is not certain, but there is a very real concern that there is the potential for our universe to simply cease to exist if it becomes unlikely enough. Timepiece monitors the past for evidence of our enemy’s interventions – and when we detect them, we send agents to intervene ourselves.

Interventions involving trying to make limited changes to the past – in the very early days of time travel (less than a decade in the past) it was realised that large scale interventions (such as assassinating Adolph Hitler) actually tend to have the effect of reducing the likelihood of our own existence. Changes need to be fairly subtle. Agents are expected to exercise their best judgement. History is fairly resilient – killing a butterfly will not end civilisation. Even killing most people won’t have major effects. But you do need to be cautious.

The Temporal Control Agency is technically an agency of the United Nations. In practice, it was built on Commonwealth territory with Commonwealth money. The Commonwealth, with long experience, avoids unnecessary confrontations – it is happy with de facto control of Timepiece rather than de jure – but control is control.

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