This material is adapted and summarised from GURPS Time Travel for the convenience of my players. No challenge is made to the copyright of the original document.

Timepiece can provide access to any equipment needed within the constraints of existing technology (Tech Level 9) although weight is an issue – the ABET can only move 1000 kilograms at a time and the blackout effect means you generally only get one chance to transport Agents and equipment except in very long term missions,

There is a highly skilled ‘Costuming Department’ which can provide agents with appropriate clothing for the period and situation in which they will find themselves – often with minor modifications (old military uniforms may have Kevlar inserts for example). Likewise, the Quartermasters department can provide agents with historical equipment they need. Many of these things are manufactured copies which will snap back to the future if they fall outside a Focal Referents range), but the Temporal Control Agency does employ teams of people to scour antique shops and similar places to acquire objects, and there are also sometimes missions to acquire certain items (“You are to go to February 1919 and purchase five gross of war surplus Lee Enfield rifles, which you will bury in this cave outside of Luton…” – items cannot generally be brought back by returning agents but they can be left somewhere for future pickup in their own time).

There are two standard weapons that can be issued to Timepiece agents. The Stinger and the Stunner. The Stinger is a gas operated pistol that fires tranquilliser darts, the Stunner is a beam weapon stun gun. They are outlined in GURPS Time Travel. Stingers and Stunners never have built in FRDs – so if they fall out of an agents hand (or other FR field) they will be returned to Absolute Now.

Agents also typically carry the following items.

The Notebook is a tablet computer which also contains a video and audio recorder. These are occasionally fitted with FRDs so they can be used as bugs but there is a real concern that if they fell into the hands of somebody in the past, such advanced technology could lead to questions and problems.

Notecards are small sheets of plastic with a radioactive tracer. Agents use them to communicate with Timepiece in the Absolute Now. You write a message on the notecard and leave it somewhere so when you have moved out of your FRD range, it will snap back to the ABET and the tracer will be detected.

T-Meter precisely measure Arbatov Energy, which allows you to quickly work out what time it is – ie, when you have just arrived.

Personal Medkits are also typically carried (TT56) along with a portable Focal Referent Device with a range of about 1 metre which can be put in a drawer with an agents equipment to avoid it all snapping back in the middle of the night when he temporarily leaves the vicinity.

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