The Pluperfect

What got nuked?

Mission 06 – Section 01 – Toronto 2103 and October Israel 1973.

During our stay in the hospital, we learned a few things. Firstly, time had gone a bit strange, we arrived back on the pad 3 years after we had left, which is highly unusual. We also learned that the Agency had gone public, and we are now held in some esteem, like 20th Century astronauts.

The most shocking thing, is though, the Israeli-Iranian war of October 1973 had a nuclear strike launched against the Pyramids at Giza, which was blamed on the Israeli’s. They of course, denied it, and when we discovered it was a Stopwatch op, due to the lingering residue and effect of the bomb, we were pulled from the hospital, given a quick brief, then after half an hour, we were launched into Tel Aviv, October 4th 1973, 4 days before the detonation of the bomb.

Our mission, to question a suspected Stopwatch agent, Daniel Somer, being held in a federal prision.

We managed to bluff our way into the prison, using a combo of intimidation, and the willingness to take several tickets for our drivers, Tel Aviv Police. We arrived in the prison and managed to get one word out of Somer, Napol, before he was shot by, we assume, a Stopwatch preventative force. With our only lead dead, we ’ported back to the pad, to debrief.

Mission 06 – Section 2

After our debrief, we had a good night’s rest, and against normal protocol, were prepped for a mission to July 1798, were the analysts had determined to be a good point for the bomb to be installed. We have a cover going in, a agent going back to get in Napolean’s good graces.

We have prepared ourselves, and are currently heading to the pad to ’port back to our insertion point.

End Report



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