The Pluperfect

Traps within Traps?

Mission 05 – Section 02

Sometime in 2250 BCE, I think it’s a Wednesday.

We left the Dam construction site, and returned to the city of Thebes.

On the way, we found the place where we had forced the Ambassador’s barge to ground, and we discovered that several crocodiles had been killed with extraordinarily sharp and precise blows from spears, and we also found a papyrus scroll, written in English, concealed beneath a “clock” stone.

The message was from the unusual priestess of the “North”, who wnated our help, whether we were Stopwatch or Timepiece, because her mission had gone badly wrong.

We suspected a trap.

However, upon our return to Thebes, and our lodgings, we found our little spy, bloated and overfed, who gave us a second message from the priestess, again in English, which the child clearly didn’t understand “Help me O Bi Wan Ken O Bi, you are my on ly hop”, which we are now taking a bit more seriously.

We informed the Nomarch of our findings at the Project site, and were taken to see the Pharaoh. Who, was wearing glasses (made from local materials), and is apparently, after my questioning, a type 2 diabetic.

During my examination, I think I may have invented Machiavellianism a tad too soon, but after I provided aid to the Pharaoh, I may have convinced him of the fact that building the dam is wrong, though we have no idea how to derail it.

After our visit to the Pharaoh, myself and Rurik hit the Bazaar, where I purchased some throwing knifes, and a Khopesh, as I suspect things will be going downhill soon, and fast.

After some careful walking away, insults from Jenny, we managed to acquire some knowledge from the spymaster, Elyas, about the origins of the Ambassador, a small island near Italy that we have the foreknowledge of it blowing up some 500 years in the future.

End Report



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