The Pluperfect

The Pyramids (Again)

Go Go Gadget God

Mission 06 – Section 03

We ’ported back to 2250 BC, Giza, were after making contact with the AiP (Agent in Place), a strange little man who was living in Victorian Era comfort, who gave us a little more local information than we had, before we set off to the quarry, about 3 miles from the town.

There, we met Karfun (spelled phonetically), would sent us to the bathhouse, where we changed into authentic Eqyptian loincloths, and go a red band painted on our arms, which marked us as common laborers.

We then took in some of the local cuisine, come prepared by Jenny, who got a job in the kitchen, and after the meal, stopped by the tool shed to get some equipment, before heading up to the face to work stone.

During this time, I managed to slip away from the quarry face, to investigate the rest of the camp, but I didn’t spot anything out of the ordinary.

After a hard day’s work, we went to the evening meal, where Jenny had learned something about a strange man, Scarfa (again, phonetically), who could talk to the gods.

After the meal, I headed to the Great Pyramid, to check on progress, and to carefully see if the bomb had been emplaced yet. It hadn’t as the building had yet to progress above the floor below that of the King’s Chamber.

After hearing about Scarfa from Jenny, I had a quiet word with him, later, near the goat pens, and didn’t get anything out of him. I may have tipped him off, as Jenny, who was following me discreetly, reported later that he talked into his hand and seemed to get a response back. We now had identified a Stopwatch Agent, as they tend to favor implants.

With no further info to be had, I retired for the night. After curfew, I slipped out to run the radiation scanner over the quarry, and didn’t find anything above normal background radiation. On my way back to the barracks, I saw Jenny and Seth carrying out a Nubian man, one of the Stonecutters, who apparently was also a Stopwatch Agent, as he tried to bump off Jenny’s informant.

After firming telling the pair that killing him would blow our mission, I had to improvise as the man’s bracelet started talking about “did you do it”, I whispered back yes, then left with Jenny whilst Seth did something with the unconscious Nubian. I hope he didn’t do anything too dramatic.

The next morning, we were woken by three whistles, which was unusual, according to our barracks mates. Going outside, we saw a man, dressed as Anubis, carrying a laser rifle and a grenade launcher, flying towards us, using a backpack helicopter. He promptly opened fire on us, and he caused a lot of damage, shooting me badly, taking me out of the fight, until Daniel revived me some minutes later.

Apparently, Seth, Jenny and the new guy had taken down Anubis, but Anubis had launched a whole heap of grenades before he jumped back, causing a significant amount of collateral damage to the working population of the camp. Whilst the rest of the crew chased after the remaining Stopwatch agents, and eventually neutralised the bomb, I did what I could for the wounded, as this far back, who knows what might happen to bloodlines down the track?

As we returned to HQ, I, along with a couple of the others, realised what had changed. The New British Empire didn’t come into existence, we now appear to be working for the U.S.A.

End Report



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