The Pluperfect

Im the King of the World...

Mission 4 Session 1 and 2.
Session 1.
The Titanic. The very name evokes wonder and mystery. Having been to the Raised Titanic exhibit in Florida the chance to actually go back and see it as it was and be paid for doing it? Wow!

What you mean I have to go back as a woman????

Oh well them’s the breaks. It seems that the original team for this mission were yanked at the last minute and we were dropped in their place and we aren’t exactly a perfect fit with their covers. Too much sausage on this festival so to speak. Means two of us have to slip into the lace panties for this one when we ain’t used to wearing em, well I’m not and that’s my story that I am sticking too..

We gear up including several convincing prosthetics and quantum out of there back to 1912.

We land in a room fitted with a crude alarm system that promptly gets set off, not looking at anyone…and meet the agent in place who initially had assumed we were there for the Westminster fire. We advised we weren’t we were the Titanic lot and bunked out for the night. Odd huh. Normally we would have been all over that Westminster thing. Obviously the team for that job never made it judging by the papers the next morning.

We have our list of targets and the Stopwatch list as well, Some are survivors some deaders, on both lists. No idea what Stopwatch want for theirs but we will keep an eye out for em.

Session 2

First class train as a pair of Newly weds, ooh la la, ain’t this grand. I wonder how seriously we are taking this one, I think a reasonable level of PDA is called for, holding hands, a chaste kiss on the cheek in the salon that sort of thing. No successful contacts with any of our target list and no sign of Stop Watch on the train.. I hope they aren’t going to be using a sub again.

Boarding the great liner goes relatively well, the old man and nursey head off to A deck, we grab out C Deck suite, very nice, I wonder what our covers would have made of all this for real. Honestly probably wouldn’t have been seen by anyone for most of the voyage, heard maybe, seen no.

Our other ‘Couple’ are on C too however smaller room inboard from the sounds of it, and the ‘Doc’ has found a berth as an ancillary surgeon or something.

Lunch still no contacts with our marks, however after dinner and salon and we start turning up a few. A redoubtable Suffragette who didn’t survive the first time, who we need to find a way to get on a life boat this time round. She’/s all very self sacrificial etc from her conversation so may need to get physical when the time comes. Jenny works the servants and the Doc the pursers and picks up on a few more from our lists. One of them is a thoroughly obnoxious sort, from the Stop watch list though so we don’t need to make sure he survives, in fact we dont know whether they want him to survive either.

In company with the Suffragette, we ‘ladies’ stage a push on the salon that traditionally male preserve, Cards ensues, ‘Wodka’ is consumed, all in all a good night was had.

In an amusing aside our through the bath neighbour is a dealer in antiquities, and doesn’t he have some pretties, such as an Elizabethan Mirror and a 8th century chinese dagger… just exquisite. I arrange for ‘hubby’ to take him off for a few drinks whilst I rifle through his gear. He’s not a stopwatch and not on any lists so some items may just have to be ‘rescued’ before this jaunt is over….



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