The Pluperfect


Mission 06 – Section 2

We ported back to Egypt, just before the Battle of the Pyramids. We spent a mostly uneventful time in an looted tomb, dealing with a small patrol of natives.

After the predicted battle, we met up with or contact, and were introduced to Napolean himself.

After the party, we infiltrated the Great Pyramid, and watched the Emperor for a while. Then I got shot in the head, and I am missing several hours of memory.

Next thing I know, I am in a briefing room, with the guy that apparently shot me in no danger of losing his job, and I have been told that we are headed back to Giza for another go, this time during the building of the Great Pyramid.

If there a any gaps in this report needing revision, please contact any of my other team members.

End Report



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