The Pluperfect

E.L.E? W.T.F!

Mission 05 – Section 03

Sometime in 2250 BCE, I think it’s still a Wednesday.

This is big. We had a party, in order to remove some suspicion from ourselves from all the attention we were getting from the other Ambassadors in Thebes, chiefly the one from Punt.

While this banquet was being planned, myself and Seth investigated the Ambassador of Thera’s house, which was to say far more advanced in construction than the time period allows for, so given our experience in 1597 Belgium, we erred on the side of caution, and left the area.

Once the banquet had started, including with guests including the Ambassadors from Punt and Babylon, the Normarch and his mother, plus the normal hangers on, I went to see if the security during the night was any different to that during the day. It didn’t appear so, but I didn’t get all that far into my recon when the boy, Bekh, came running up, saying someone had dropped dead from poison at the banquet.

Upon my return to the lodgings, I quickly diagnosed the not dead, but unconscious man with cyanide poisoning. After a quick talk with Seth, who in his guise as the Princess’ chief guard, had interviewed the cook who had prepared the crocodile, the source of the poison, and had discovered the person who sold the kitchen’s the suspect spice.

We managed to find the seller of the tainted coriander in the spice market of the Bazaar, who we found dead, killed by cyanide poisoning. The merchant did not kill himself, as the body was positioned to look like he was asleep. Seth went to investigate the Theran Ambassador’s potential involvement, and I headed back to the lodge, via the docks, and discovered that the Ambassador of Thera had returned, not too long ago.

Returning to the lodge, I informed Rurik of the return of the Ambassador, and then spotted him at the head table, feeling somewhat foolish. Then I had an idea. Rurik informed me, during a break of his Egyptian Crocodile Roulette game, that only the Ambassador had turned up, none of his guards, or more importantly, the priestess had.

I told Rurik in High Niger (read: English) that I was going to have a go at the priestess attempt to free the priestess and gain some info.

And what info!

Freeing her was easy, a single guard was all that stood between me and the priestess, who was easily beaten with a stunner.

I got the priestess out of the complex, and out to our arrival point in this time stream, a cave about a hours walk from Thebes.

There she told me how that somehow, the Stopwatch equivalent of our own Notepad PC’s had fallen into the hands of the Theran’s, and did not bounce back. They learned of many things that they shouldn’t, including their destruction some 500 years in the future. They have used this learning to convince the Pharaoh to build the Dam, then use the weakness following it’s completion to invade Egypt and take over.

Also, they have apparently, using lens based telescopes that shouldn’t exist for at least another couple thousand years, have predicted a Extinction Level Event (E.L.E) asteroid, that will hit in 200 years.

Clearly, as we were born, this didn’t happen, so either someone screwed up royally on a mission even further back in time, or we did something to stop it.

We need to contact our superiors, as our channels are still open, whilst the Stopwatch Agent’s aren’t, as they cannot “bamph” back to their Absolute Now (AN).

End Report



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