The Pluperfect

Dallas, Part Three

Missed it by that much

Mission 03 – Section 03

1800, Dallas Tx, 16th November 1963, mission time 3830 hrs

After finishing at the police station, we hit the clubs. Firstly we went to the Andrapov, where after one or three vodkas, Daniel and I managed to get out the name Jakob Rubenstein, and his location in the nightclub district, at the Carousel Club, a middle grade strip joint.

Staggering out to the car, we made our way to the Carousel, where we met and sort of interrogated Jack Ruby, AKA Jakob Rubenstein. The rest of the team had better luck, clearly 1960’s vodka is much better than the stuff in the future, as the floors wouldn’t stay the right way round after I had a couple o five.

Somehow, we got Jack to give up the location of a warehouse near Dallas airport, and so, to prevent him from tipping off the Stopwatchers, we took him to the local police station and had him locked up for 24 hours, as protection.

We then staked out the warehouse, waiting until myself and Daniel had sobered up a bit, then we attacked, with myself, Veritas and James going through the front, and the others going in the back.

2330, Dallas Tx, 16th November 1963, mission time 4200 hrs

I quickly disabled one of the men on watch, then there was a light show coming from the storage are of the warehouse, thinking quickly, I shot out the electrical panel, disabling the light, then I joined the rest of the crew in disabling the getaway vehicle.

Once we had disabled the vehicle, we “rescued” Lee Oswald via stunner, then we manged to find out from one of the surviving Stopwatchers that Oswald had a bomb strapped to him, in his heart. We used this opportunity to send a request for a medical profession to be sent back to arrive on scene around 5 minutes after we had secured the warehouse.

Whilst we waited, we managed to get the last Stopwatcher to request asylum, which we kicked up the line to the bosses via index card.

After the surgeon had arrived, he removed the bomb, we convinced Oswald that nothing odd had happened, and we let him go, and shortly after, we got Jack Ruby released as well.

We spent the next few days shadowing Oswald, to make sure that he performed his historic shooting at the correct time.

1220, Dallas Tx, 22nd November 1963, mission time 16220 hrs

We set ourselves up on the grassy knoll car park, with me lying down with the same model 98 rifle that Oswald was about to use, on the back of our custom car, that featured no rear window.

Oswald’s part went according to plan, and we left the scene rapidly, ditching the rifle in it’s component parts as we left, and abandoning our vehicles out in the middle of nowhere before we bounced back to the future.

We have been given a week’s leave, though this may prove to be longer, as per the nature of the job.

End Report



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